Assault Lily: Bouquet (Dub) Episode 12

Assault Lily: Bouquet (Dub)

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Other Name: アサルトリリィ Bouquet

Summary: Earth in the near future-Humanity was on the verge of ruin with the advent of a mysterious creature called “Huge”. The whole world united against Huge, succeeded in developing the decisive weapon “CHARM” that brings together the power of science and magic Magi, and the institution that trains the girls “Lily” who will be its users. Military academies “Gardens” was established in various places. Ruri Ichiyanagi, who passed the exam while being a substitute for the prestigious Yurigaoka Jogakuin in the Gardens, takes a step as Lily fighting for the survival of humankind. Ruri, who once took the entrance exam for…Continue reading

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