Chao Shen Xueyuan Season 2 Episode 10

Chao Shen Xueyuan Season 2

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Other Name: Chao Shen Xueyuan season2, 超神学院 第2季

Summary: For a while, I (the author) was obsessed with the universe and time theory of the great physicist Hawking, unable to extricate myself. Later, I got this proposition “Super Seminary”, and at the same time I played the game of League of Legends, so I expanded my endless imagination of the universe and the future. Perhaps “Super Seminary” did not follow any modern sci-fi and fantasy formats and routines, but did its own dream without any scruples, a dream similar to the Chinese dream of anime. Let us start with the defense of the earth and slowly Let’s explore people and the future. Super Theological…Continue reading

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