Persona 5 the Animation (Dub) Episode 26

Persona 5 the Animation (Dub)

Watch anime Persona 5 the Animation (Dub) Episode 26 on KissAnime

Other Name: Persona 5 The Animation, P5A, Persona 5 the Anime, TVアニメ「ペルソナ5」

Summary: Watch Persona 5 the Animation (Dub) at KissAnime . In the spring of the second year of high school, Ren Amamiya moves to “Shuen Gakuen” in Tokyo. After a certain event, Lotus awakens as a “persona” messenger. He forms the “Phantom Thief Group” with his new colleagues.
On the other hand, inexplicable mental runaway incidents were happening in the city one after another… While living as a high school student on a stage in the big city “Tokyo”, he became a “phantom thief” after school. The curtain of the magnificent Picares Chroman is cut off and dropped!
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