Porong Porong Pororo 1 (Dub) Episode 52

Porong Porong Pororo 1 (Dub)

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Other Name: Porong Porong Pororo, Pororo the Little Penguin, 뽀롱뽀롱 뽀로로

Summary: The curious penguin Pororo is out exploring one day when he stumbles upon a mysterious egg. Planning on eating it, Pororo decides to take it home. However, the egg hatches in front of his eyes, and to his surprise a dinosaur emerges, staring him in the face. Though terrified at first, Pororo soon befriends the lovable pint-sized creature and the two go on many adventures with the rest of their friends.

Within this gang of friends, there is the dinosaur Crong, a playful troublemaker; the fox Eddy, a trickster and inventor; the beaver Loopy, an artistic baker; and the…Continue reading

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