Rockman.EXE Beast+ Episode 15

Rockman.EXE Beast+

Watch anime Rockman.EXE Beast+ Episode 15 on KissAnime

Other Name: Rockman EXE Beast Plus, ロックマンエグゼビースト+(プラス)

Summary: Watch Rockman.EXE Beast+ at KissAnime . At the end of the battle between Greyga and Falzer, Atto returned from Beyondard who regained his previous life and had a peaceful life.
But that was also a moment. Soon after, a strange incident occurred in which plant-like electronic data materialized and spread.
Furthermore, the animalized virus materializes and attacks people. Atto cross-fusions and defeats the Beast Virus, but there appears a figure that seems to be a navi.
What is the identity of that person? And what is the surprising plan that will be revealed? Atto…Continue reading

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