Wan Jie Qi Yuan Episode 34

Wan Jie Qi Yuan

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Other Name: Wan Jie Qi Yuan, 万界奇缘

Summary: Lin Feng is an orphan outside Liuxian City, a Wuzhuangzi next to Qishan. There is a ghost crying forest in Wuzhuang. According to legend, there are ghosts and it is forbidden in Wuzhuang. One day Lin Feng accidentally broke in and found an ice coffin in the cave under Guikulin. This beautiful woman was sealed in the ice coffin. Lin Feng accidentally opened the ice coffin to wake Ying Taiyue. After Ying Taiyue awakened, she accidentally discovered that Lin Feng could actually provoke the sacred item of the demon race, the Hongmeng Demon Species, causing Lin Feng to swallow the Hongmeng Demon Species, and then drift…Continue reading

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