xxxHOLiC Rou Episode 2

xxxHOLiC Rou

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Other Name: xxxHOLiC Rou: Adayume, ×××HOLiC・籠

Summary: 10 years after the events of xxxHOLiC Shunmuki, a melancholic Kimihiro Watanuki has taken over the shop formerly run by the mysterious Yuuko due to a promise he made to her. His companions Maru, Moro, and Mokona live together with him in relative contentment, and some familiar faces arrive every now and then: former rival turned-steadfast friend Shizuka Doumeki, and the former psychic prodigy Kohane Tsuyuri. While Kohane studies folklore under Doumeki at university, they encounter a case that is perfect for the master of the shop.

Eventually, Watanuki receives a visit from Doumeki’s grandfather,…Continue reading

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