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Wu Shang Shen Di 2nd Season

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Other Name: Wu Shang Shen Di 2nd Season, Supreme God Emperor, 无上神帝

Summary: Ten thousand years ago, the immortal king Muyun was conspired by someone for holding the Zhu Xiantu. After ten thousand years of sleep, he awakened on the famous "Trash Muyun" of the Southern Cloud Empire on the Heavenly Fate Continent. When Mu Yun first awakened, he was deliberately made things difficult by the student Miao Xianyu. Mu Yun easily resolved the trap of Miao Xianyu and explained more alchemy skills by analogy, so that the alchemy master outside the door would not appreciate it. Endless. When she returned home, Mu Yun learned that she was going to marry Qin Mengyao, the Miss Qin's family. Qin Mengyao was cold and poisonous, and could not live to be twenty years old. The marriage was only for the benefit of the Mu family and the Qin family. But under Mu Linchen's persuasion, Mu Yun agreed to the marriage on the condition of alchemy. After refining the Bone Tempering Pill, Mu Yun's cultivation was improved for the first time. Mo Wen often came to Muyun for advice, and Qin Shiyu always wanted to ask Mo Wen to treat his granddaughter Qin Mengyao. Mo Wen hinted that Mu Yun would give it a try. Mu Yun awakened the Zhu Xiantu in his body by mistake, and learned that Qin Mengyao's body was not cold poison, but the ice phoenix spirit. Mu Yun cured Qin Mengyao, and the power of the Ice Phoenix Soul made Qin Mengyao improve her cultivation by leaps and bounds. After seeing Mu Yun's abilities, Qin Mengyao was full of curiosity and interest in Mu Yun, so he became a tutor at Beiyun College and taught in the same class as Mu Yun. But Dongfang Jade, who was unable to pursue Qin Mengyao, was jealous and hatred, and vowed to be incompatible with Mu Yun. Mu Yun used Zhu Xiantu to break through his cultivation base and went to the North Cloud Mountains to experience. The four evil spirits of Liushan who were assigned to the assassination screen movement followed all the way, taking advantage of the opportunity of Mu Yun to lose his strength, they showed up and prepared to attack Mu Yun.

Wu Shang Shen Di 2nd Season

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