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Xing Hai Qi Shi

Xing Hai Qi Shi N/A

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Other Name: Xing Hai Qi Shi, Knights on Debris, 星骸骑士

Summary: In the future, human exploration of the universe has entered a prosperous era. In order to develop a new energy Sombra, the mechanic Chen Mo went to the birthplace of Sombra together with the expedition-Ye Yuanxing. Unexpectedly, an accident happened on the way. During his sleep for more than 100 years, Ye Yuan Xing became a piece of scorched earth, and his teammates became terrifying alienated creatures. Chen Mo became the only human being on the planet. Fortunately, I met five robot assistants with different personalities and different functions. They fight monsters to survive every day, hoard supplies, and look for hope of leaving Ye Yuanxing. However, a Thorne girl who fell from the sky completely disrupted his plan. This beautiful dying lady named Clayti brought the unfortunate Chen Mo into huge trouble...

Xing Hai Qi Shi

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